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SANS - Dragon Ginger

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12 pack

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All-natural, Dragon Ginger health beverage infused with adaptogens. 12 cans per order + FREE shipping!

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First Asian-themed, alcohol alternative and mixer, health beverage infused with adaptogens. Created by Kevin Kreider from Netflix hit "Bling Empire", Sans is a "conversational beverage" that empowers and normalizes sober lifestyle to represent strength, health and confidence.


Finally a drink that I can have at party's and feel included. It's great to be a part of the conversation!

I can finally have a drink with friends when I'm pregnant! No more soda water!

I am loving this Asian infused beverage! I've looked so long and hard for a beverage like this!

What's Within


Boost your brain


Level up your focus

Dragonfruit Flavoring

Awaken the dragon inside you